M-10 Flexible hoses for water (braided capron) “World of Aquatechnic”

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ModelConn.dia.inchFittingsLengthPcs/CartonCarton gross weightCarton net weightCarton volume
1501300001M10X18FF20 cm----
1501300002M10X18FF30 cm----
1501300003M10X18FF40 cm----
1501300004M10X18FF50 cm----
1501300005M10X18FF60 cm----
1501300006M10X18FF80 cm----
1501300007M10X18FF100 cm----
1501300008M10X18FF120 cm----
1501300009M10X18FF150 cm----
1501300010M10X18FF180 cm----
1501300011M10X18FF200 cm----
1501300012M10X18FF250 cm----
1501300013M10X18FF300 cm----
1501300014M10X18FF350 cm----
1501300015M10X18FF400 cm----
1501300016M10X18FF500 cm----
1501300017M10X35FF20 cm----
1501300018M10X35FF30 cm----
1501300019M10X35FF40 cm----
1501300020M10X35FF50 cm----
1501300021M10X35FF60 cm----
1501300022M10X35FF80 cm----
1501300023M10X35FF100 cm----
1501300024M10X35FF120 cm----
1501300025M10X35FF150 cm----
1501300026M10X35FF180 cm----
1501300027M10X35FF200 cm----
1501300028M10X35FF250 cm----
1501300029M10X35FF300 cm----
1501300030M10X35FF350 cm----
1501300031M10X35FF400 cm----
1501300032M10X35FF500 cm----