• 2014.02.18

    Opening representative office in Moscow (Russia)

    February 2014 our factory SANMIX INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd (China) opens representative office in Moscow (Russia), where you can buy flexible hoses on production price + shipping fee.
    Please note, it is not a third party sales, is it our representative office, where you can buy our products from 1 piece to special order for container straight to the Factory with delivery and customs clear services. Our goods are high insured quality with the official registered trademark.

  • 2014.02.18

    Factory SANMIX INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd (China) announces the re-branding of the already known brand AQUATECHNIC

    Since January 2014 we began to carry out legal actions to change the brand and its components.
    From year to year the market of sanitary ware has been steadily expanding, actively developed and updated. Unfortunately, over the past five years in this field a huge number of scammers appeared, which produce low-quality counterfeit products with a limited validity of products. Outside products can look almost the same as the original (form, color, etc.). However, the quality of such products is radically different, since the materials were used in their manufacture are not meeting any Quality Chemical Standard Tests. As a result - frequent leaks, breaks and other troubles with considerable damage to housing and utility buildings.
    As a conclusion, factory SANMIX INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd (China) has made a decision on the necessary need of the re-branding in order to protect our customers and for your greater convenience to choose a quality product.

    Our renewed brand slogan - "Make a connection to the World of Aquatechnic!"

    Attention! Only the presence of the new trademark will ensure the original quality of products, manufactured by SANMIX INTERNATIONAL Co., Ltd.

    Beware of forgery!

  • 2009.03.30

    New representative office in Urumqi (China)

    Dear Sirs!
    We are happy to inform you, that Sanmix International Co., Ltd – the manufacturer of sanitary ware under trade marks “Sanmix” and “World of Aquatechnic” – has opened the representative office in Urumqi, China.
    In response to requests of our clients from Uzbekistan, Tadzhikistan, Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan we decided to found our own representation there.
    The representative office has its own storehouse. It also accommodates consolidation of your goods at the territory of People’s Republic of China with the dispatch according to your address.
    The office address in Urumqi, China: P.R.China, 830001, Xinjiang province, Urumqi, Lang Tian Road, 29-2-601. Tel/fax: +86(099)15166370

  • 2009.03.30

    About exhibitions 2009y.

    Dear Sirs!
    We are glad to inform you, that we take part in the following exhibitions:
    - Canton Fair at the Continental Exhibition Center, from 15.04.2009 to 19.05.2009, PaZhou hall, GuangZhou, China, booth number – 14.4H21
    - Dubai Expo, from 17.05.2009 to 19.05.2009, Dubai, booth number – HT1331
    - Project Near East 2009, from 04.05.2009 to 07.05.2009, Amman, Jordan. Booth number - 5A129
    We hereby sincerely invite our partners to visit our booths!
    We look forward to see you soon!